Especially In These Times, Talk To An Investment Adviser

With Portfolio Management, we invest for you. We do this with a risk profile that suits you. You determine that profile with us on the basis of a very thorough analysis. Within your profile, we spread the risk by investing worldwide in bonds, alternative investments and in various sectors, in addition to equities.

Especially in these times, it is important that you are aware that investing is something for the longer term and that investing involves risks. Read more below about the possibilities offered by Portfolio Management and the considerations you need to make. Good to know: a conversation with an Investment Adviser is always free of obligation and can be done via 'Beeldbankieren', our own video-banking service.

Invest for the longer term

It is important that you are aware that investing is for the longer term. If we follow the past, there will always be periods of decline as there are now and periods of recovery. A broad spread and a longer term can contribute to the chance of a positive return over a long period of time, but also periodical depositing and risk reduction can help.

Investing entails risks

Investing entails risks. You could lose (some of) the money you invested. If you are going to invest, it is important that you are aware of this. Invest with money you can spare. Keep a buffer for unforeseen circumstances. Also think of an extra buffer for difficult economic times.

Let your assets receive the attention they deserve

If you opt for Portfolio Management, your own Investment Adviser will ensure that your assets receive the attention they deserve. You and your Investment Adviser will consider what you want to do with your assets now and in the future. He will then work with a team of experts to come up with a suitable investment solution that is based on your situation and requirements. Portfolio Management is possible from $ 50,000.

What can you expect from us

Personal Attention

You have your own Investment Adviser, who is your personal point of contact. You can contact your Investment Adviser at any time. You will meet with your Investment Adviser every year to review the results that have been achieved and look at how the market is expected to develop

Making matters easier for you

Your Investment Adviser is assisted by a team of experts who constantly monitor the stock markets day in, day out. If you have other questions relating to your assets or you require a broader financial picture, your Investment Adviser can guide you to where you need to be.


Union Finance Investment is the one of the largest asset manager for private investors by far, and has a wealth of experience. Our solutions have won multiple awards. Union Finance Investment Portfolio Management have been awarded five stars by Finner, a platform that provides independent investment comparisons.

What happens when you make an appointment

You talk to an Investment Adviser

You discuss your goals and the possibilities while paying your assets the attention they deserve. It goes without saying that this consultation is entirely without obligation.

We determine your personal investment solution

Following your first consultation, you will receive tailor-made advice concerning the extent to which your goals are achievable, and we will look at what risk profile, form of Portfolio Management and implementation plan would suit you best.

Our experts manage your investments

This is the point at which we start to provide Portfolio Management services to you. The team of experts invest and manage your assets, and you can contact your Investment Adviser at any time.

Portfolio Management offers you a choice of three mandates

  • Sustainable Funds Mandate

    Invest in funds, bonds and companies that are socially engaged.

  • Multi-Manager Mandate

    Invest in as many funds offered by renowned fund houses from all over the world.

  • Comfort Income Mandate

    If you want to use our Portfolio Management service to generate income.