Financial Services

We can help you stay focused on the future of financial services - one that is stronger, fairer and more sustainable.

The financial services sector is an area where we see great changes and innovations to meet the new market needs. The financial services sector is going to take a greater market position relative to other sectors.

According to the OECD, the financial service sector now accounts for over 70% of total employment and value added in OECD economies. It also represents almost all employment growth in the OECD area.

Bloomberg indicates that financial services continue to be the most sought after commodity in the private sector.We accompanied several financial advisory firms and asset management companies, financial services software companies and consulting firms Management.

Financial Services


  • Highly qualified and experienced staff give independent advice on such financial services as pensions, inheritance tax, life assurance and protection, health insurance, employee benefits, investments, business protection and wealth planning. We help companies pivot into more profitable directions where they can expand and grow. It is inevitable that individuals and companies will end up making a few mistakes; we help them correct these mistakes.

Business Planning and strategy

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; we work with leading institutions in the banking, insurance and asset management sectors in all major areas, including

Retail banking

Private banking and wealth management

Corporate banking and capital markets

Transaction banking

Asset management

Life and property insurance

Health insurance

Risk, liquidity and capital management

Stock markets and financial market infrastructure

Business plan market

Union Finance Investment has deep expertise in financial services, but we also look beyond the industry and draw upon our capabilities experience. We tailor these offerings to the needs of our financial services clients to help them solve problems or pursue opportunities in many areas, including

Growth strategy

Organizational effectiveness

Operational excellence


Information technology

Mergers and acquisitions

Change management

Private equity

Performance improvement